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Trash the dress, what a blast!

Trash the dress, what a blast!


Although the outdoor photos for the couple on the wedding day are a bit stressful since we have an arduous commitment as party hosts on our shoulders and we do not want to make those who took time to be with us after the ceremony.

For the photographers, it is actually that moment the most precious, it is full of our creativity, the perfect light, the couple is full of happiness, but for them the time with the guests and family is an important piece and they do not allow us more than 40 min.


And sometimes it is not enough time to create what we have been talking so much about and we remain tied hands to return to the party which is a very beautiful and fun moment but those photos have another energy and dynamism.



But guess what? we have the trash, the dress !! How wonderful, it is the session where the pressure of the party does not exist, there are no guests pushing, we have the whole stage to ourselves, we can play with the dress, the shoes, the rings, and above all go almost at the end to get into the water, play with the sand, snow, vegetation, waterfall, lake, or even a motorcycle ride along the seashore.



I particularly bring music, snacks, and no need for the bride to pay for makeup and hairstyle again since there will be no close-ups and shots of the face, everything will be done in an open-plan environment with the natural vibe that we have chosen.



These photos will show another type of happiness, a magical atmosphere full of life, love, surroundings, and high vibrations with the universe.

Definitely the trash the dress is going to add an important grain to the final photos for the couple.

Guy’s go for it.

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